“A Consumer Without An Attorney,
Is Like A Diver Without A Shark Cage”

— S&H, LLP 

“A Consumer Without An Attorney,
Is Like A Diver Without A Shark Cage”

— S&H, LLP 

What People Say About Us

Jared is an exceptional Lawyer. He handled all aspects of our case providing very good advice. He knew what needed to be done and did it. Without his diligence and guidance throughout the process we would have been totally lost. I can honestly give him my highest recommendation.

David - Client

A couple minutes into my first phone conversation with Jared and Bob, I knew I found the right team. I felt like I was talking with family. They never sugar-coated anything, but I never felt scared or worried because I had so much confidence in their experience, knowledge of the law, and professionalism. I can confidently recommend Jared Hartman and Bob Semnar without hesitation and wish them continued success down the road.

Anonymous - Client

Bob is an excellent attorney. He has helped me resolve issues that I had thought would never get fixed. He is extremely knowledgeable about consumer rights and really does fight for the little guy. After years of trying to fix multiple errors and dealing with collection agencies that didn't bother to follow the rules even when I did, Bob was able to get everything fixed for me and forced these companies to follow the law.

Mary - Client

I was referred to Semnar & Hartman by my attorney after I received a notice from a collection agency on behalf of a company trying to recover an invalid debt from over 2 years prior. Semnar & Hartman were quick to respond and walked me through the process of eliminating this collection and preventing the company from taking any action against me. Their experience and knowledge in the field of debt collection law is unparalleled. I would highly recommend seeking their help for any questions/issues in the field of debt collection.

Geoffrey T.

I am in awe of the expertise and guidance given by Mr. Semnar and Mr. Hartman for my case. They were patient, compassionate, and walked me through the fine details of what would and wouldn't help me without feeling pressured to make a certain choice. They laid out all the possibilities open to me for my case and let the facts guide my choices. I recommend this firm without hesitation to anyone looking for help in consumer and labor matters.

Pamela J.

Legal Practice Areas

Credit Reporting Issues

The California Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act as well as the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act provide certain protections concerning information reported on consumer's credit reports.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides legal protection from abusive debt collection practices.

Worker's Rights

Most Common employment law matters include unpaid wages, failure to pay overtime, wrongful termination, and retaliation.

Military Deferment

Deferment pursuant to California Military and Veterans Code for Servicemembers and their spouses.

Civil Rights

Specific statutory and case law have allow for individuals to seek monetary compensation associated with violation of Civil Rights.

Juvenile Liability

In some circumstances statutory California statutes allow for individuals to seek monetary compensation against a minor as well as the minor’s parents for actual and emotional injuries caused.