Raceway Nissan Alleged to Commit Fraudulent Transmission and Air Conditioning Unit Repairs

A lawsuit filed on August 2, 2019 by two former auto repair technicians of Raceway Nissan in Riverside alleges that they were subject to retaliation and termination for refusing to engage in fraudulent transmission and A/C unit repairs, among other reasons.

The lawsuit alleges that certain supervisors and managers of Raceway Nissan force their technicians to put metal shavings into certain transmissions so that they can read “failure”, so that the technicians can then obtain customer approval for repairing the transmissions even though they truly do not need to be repaired.

The lawsuit also alleges that technicians have also been told by their supervisors and managers to hook the A/C testing machine up to an old car in the back so that the A/C tests will show that the A/C units need to be repaired, so that the technicians can then obtain customer approval for those repairs.

A copy of the lawsuit can be read by clicking HERE. If you or your family members have had a repair done by Raceway Nissan to either the transmission or A/C unit, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the circumstances further.

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