On June 8, 2020, our firm filed a new lawsuit against Defendants Rancho Reprographics, Inc. and its owner, Gary Chance.

The lawsuit alleges multiple violations by the Defendants, including claims of sexual harassment and hostile work environment based on sexual harassment, retaliation for reporting and resisting sexual harassment, and whistleblower retaliation, among others.

You can read a copy of the lawsuit by clicking HERE.

In California, laws prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace are not limited to quid pro quo (where employment or pay are contingent upon performing sexual acts), but also covers hostile environment sexual harassment claims.

A hostile work environment involves statements or physical actions that turn the workplace into a hostile or uncomfortable work environment, and the statements/actions do not have to just affect the victim, but may also affect other employees.

Hostile environment claims require such statements/actions to be so frequent and severe that it interferes with the employee’s ability to work, creates a toxic environment, or changes the conditions of employment.  The courts will also look at whether a reasonable person would be offended by the statements/actions.

The claims in this new lawsuit filed against Defendants Rancho Reprographics, Inc. and its owner, Gary Chance involve allegations of Gary Chance taking pictures of female employees with the office security camera as they were bent over, showing the female employees pictures and memes of female genitalia on his cell phone, and touching the women’s hair and trying to massage their shoulders while he was intoxicated in the workplace, among other claims.

The lawsuit alleges that this sexual harassment was directed not only towards our client, but to other women in the office to the point where it created a hostile work environment.

California law makes a company strictly liable for the sexually harassing conduct of its managing agents, in addition to liability of the person who commits the sexual harassment.  As Defendant Gary Chance is the owner and President of Defendant Rancho Reprographics, Inc., and therefore meets the criteria of a managing agent, our lawsuit includes claims for liability as against both Defendants.

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