Yet two more mortgage servicing companies seem to be completely inept at applying (or caring about) honoring mandatory deferment protections for deployed military families.

Our office has recently filed two more lawsuits, against LoanCare, LLC and Lakeview Servicing, LLC, for what appears to be a scheme in which they are attempting to rip off innocent military families whose only fault is triggering their mandatory deferment protections during deployment.  These complaints can be read by clicking HERE and HERE.

Based on the allegations in these two lawsuits, when a military family triggers their right to deferment of principal and interest based on orders for deployment, LoanCare, LLC and Lakeview Servicing, LLC simply calculates the total amount of what they expect to be deferred in principal and interest during the deferment period, and then add that amount to the total amount of the original principal balance.  In other words, increasing the original total outstanding principal balance by the amount of anticipated deferred principal and interest!

In both cases, the clients’ total original principal balance increased by the amount that LoanCare, LLC and Lakeview Servicing, LLC had calculated as the amount expected to be deferred.

In one lawsuit, the allegations claim that the military family refinanced with another lender in an effort to sever any relationship at all with LoanCare, LLC and Lakeview Servicing, LLC after the companies committed various other violations by attempting to collect deferred amounts during the deferment period and falsely claiming the military members were in default for not making payments on the deferred amounts.  When that military family secured a loan for refinancing with a different lender, LoanCare, LLC and Lakeview Servicing, LLC forced them to pay more than what the actual loan amount was by adding the total deferred amounts to the original principal balance, effectively ripping our clients off by nearly $20,000.00!!

Military families are asked to make great sacrifices on behalf of our country and risk their lives to fight for our country’s principles and values.  Many soldiers being deployed leave behind their friends, family, the comforts of civilian life, and also leave behind their careers and financial security, all to answer our country’s call to duty.  And this is all aside from the risk to their lives that they face when deployed to an area of conflict.

In return for these sacrifices, our country provides certain benefits and protections.  One of these very important protections provided to deployed military members is that they should not be penalized by any creditors for being deployed, and that they are entitled to a specific time period of deferment on certain loan obligations so that they can focus on their lives being disrupted by the deployment and allow the family members they are leaving back home to adjust both emotionally and financially to the deployment.  Anytime a company refuses to honor and uphold these protections, our office is more than happy to step in and pursue legal action.

The next time you tell a military member “thank you for your service”, please consider for a moment what is actually being done by our country to really thank them for their service.  Our office is proud to stand up for the rights of those who stand up for our rights and our values with their service.