Going on a job hunt is already a stressful enough, and then compound that with going on a job hunt during the pandemic when the job market is in such a constant state of disarray and unpredictability.

Now, compound that stress with the problem of being denied a job based on an indisputably inaccurate reporting of criminal history by Checkr for a misdemeanor conviction from 20 years ago, something that you thought was a long-closed chapter of your past.

Sadly, that is precisely what this lawsuit is about, and you can read the complaint by clicking HERE.

In this case, the job applicant was falsely reported by Checkr in two different background check reports as having a felony conviction, when in reality the court records make it abundantly clear that the only conviction was for misdemeanor.  This false reporting by Checkr resulted in the applicant being outrightly denied by Lyft, and then being put on delays by Uber and then eventually being told by Uber he could only drive food and not people.

All over a 20-year-old misdemeanor conviction that he thought was long behind him and was now being falsely reported by Checkr as a felony conviction.

These violations also came at a time when Checkr was being valued at $4.6 Billion and growing, and were in the process of obtaining hundreds of millions in loans to sustain their anticipated growth.

It is indisputable that background check companies like Checkr are required to comply with 15 U.S.C. § 1681e of the FCRA, which requires reasonable procedures to ensure maximum possible accuracy of the reports being prepared for employment purposes.

However, because Checkr has been sued so many times and has been criticized so many times over its flawed procedures in using digital technology to prepare its background check reports and not actual humans with brains, this appears to be a clear example of why Checkr deserves punitive damages to be taught an exemplary lesson that it is simply unfair for such a company to make staggering profits off of procedures that are so inherently flawed that they keep struggling consumers from obtaining simple working class jobs.

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