We are happy to report that, on January 10, 2023, the Superior Court for the County of Riverside entered Judgment against Defendant ABRAHAM TORRES CASILLAS in the amount of $538,294.53. A copy of the Judgment can be viewed by clicking HERE.

This case involved allegations of Defendant CASILLAS committing sexual assault against our client while she was just 17 years old, and while she was working at her first job ever as a hostess at BEGOOD TEMECULA RESTAURANT & EXPERIENCE.

A copy of the Complaint from this case can be read by clicking HERE. The Complaint alleges that, while working as a Hostess at BEGOOD, Defendant CASILLAS was present in the Bar area engaging in a repeated pattern of sexual advances and sexual harassment of female staff, including touching multiple female staff inappropriately and trying to solicit engagement in a sexual three-way between him and his wife.

The Complaint further alleges that Defendant CASILLAS approached our client from behind, got her attention so that she would turn around, and when she did turn around he sexually assaulted her in a despicable manner.

These allegations against Defendant CASILLAS have now resulted in a Judgment being entered against him in the amount of $538,294.53.

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