We are happy to report a hard-fought trial victory for our client out of San Bernardino Superior Court on an age discrimination case against Defendant All City Management Services, Inc.

This trial was a collaborative effort between our firm and Payton Employment Law, PC, with the team at Payton Employment Law, PC (including Chantal Payton and Laurel Holmes) having performed extensive work litigating the case for over 2 years, and then trial counsel Bob Semnar and Laurel Holmes serving up the trial victory!!

On September 14, 2023, the Jury awarded a Verdict in favor of our client in the total amount of $189,000.00! A copy of the Verdict form can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Our Plaintiff is an 83-year-old woman, former crossing guard client, who had been a crossing guard for over 46 years, and 16 years with this Defendant in particular.

However, as alleged within the lawsuit and found true by the Jury, she was terminated based on her advancing age.

After years of service with this company, the Defendant implemented a new physical functionality test required our client to perform physical tasks unrelated to the performance of her job duties, and there was written evidence produced at trial that suggested the Defendant’s initial motivating factor for creating the test was to weed out aging employees.

After a 3-week trial, the Jury agreed with our allegations that the Defendant’s actions amounted to age discrimination and similar claims, and the Jury awarded to our client her full back pay from 2019, front pay of two more years, and $150,000 in emotional distress damages. Punitive damages were awarded at a year’s worth of pay. This amounted to a total Verdict for damages in the amount of $189,000.00!

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