Babak "Bob" Semnar

Babak "Bob" Semnar has dedicated a major part of his firm to protecting individuals from abusive and harassing debt collectors. He is passionate about the rights of individuals, as provided within the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), as well as the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). After opening his own office in Riverside County (Temecula), Mr. Semnar moved to Vista, California where he co-founded Semnar & Hartman, LLP, a consumer rights firm, focusing Deb Collection Abuse, Credit Reporting Rights, and harassing calls on cell phones. Semnar & Hartman, LLP serve individuals within San Diego County (Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Escondido) as well as those in Riverside County (Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet, and Lake Elsinore). Semnar & Hartman, LLP has recently expanded its services to Orange County and Los Angeles County, as well as Northern California.


Jared Hartman

Mr. Hartman believes that every single person entering the court system-no matter the case or legal issue involved-needs the best representation possible. Mr. Hartman will assist every client by navigating through the complicated Rules of Evidence in both State and Federal Courts, and will fully research every legal issue and file every motion possible in an effort to obtain the best result possible for each client. Mr. Hartman truly believes in and aggressively fights for the principles upon which this country was founded-that every single person is entitled to equal justice under law and every single person within the court system is entitled to honorable and vigorous representation. Having gained invaluable courtroom experience as a Deputy Public Defender for the County of Riverside from 2008-2012, Mr. Hartman has completed over 32 jury trials to date, and takes great pride in his legal research and persuasive writing abilities.

Laurel Holmes

Laurel Holmes

Ms. Holmes recently joined Semnar & Hartman, LLP to continue her dedication to representing the rights and interests of individuals against the abuses of power.  She has built a practice representing employees who have suffered discrimination, wage theft, and retaliation against their current and former employers.

Ms. Holmes has the expertise in employment law to hold companies accountable for providing improper meal and rest breaks, for not paying proper overtime wages, and for failing to provide a harassment free workplace. Ensuring that companies cannot profit from misclassifying their workers as independent contractors is a critical part of her work to ensure that employees can benefit all wage and hour and medical leave protections under the law.

She approaches every client with the understanding and compassion they deserve all while providing the zealous advocacy necessary to send a strong message to their employer. As a champion for employee rights and consumer protections, Ms. Holmes adept at using her depth of knowledge to chart the best course forward for each client.   


Ashly - Legal Staff

Ms. Ashly Brandao has recently joined Semnar & Hartman, LLP as a legal assistant, helping schedule new potential client as well as existing client through litigation.  Ashly also assists clients facing credit reporting issues to file disputes with the credit bureaus.  Ashly has been a resident of Temecula since 2004 and she has grown up in a military family.  As such she is specially interested in helping military members within the Inland Empire who wish to defer their pending financial obligations in preparation of being deployed.  Ashly brings with her the knowledge, experience and training that she has gained in the past 8 years in the service industry, and seeks to continue her education in the legal field while building one on one relationships with our clients


Nick Martinez –Private Investigator

A California native, Mr. Martinez attended college in Riverside County. He graduated from the Police Academy in 1981 and enjoyed a 20 year career in law enforcement.

As a peace officer, he worked as a Gang Investigator, Field Training Officer and a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). He was awarded "Peace Officer Of The Year" twice in his 20 year career, the first in 1987 and the second in 1994.

For the past 8 years, he has worked as a licensed Private Investigator with expertise and knowledge in the following areas: Criminal Defense Investigations, General Background Investigations, AOE/COE Workers Comp Cases, Civil and Family Law, Labor Representative for the Defense of Peace Officers during Internal Affair Investigations (POBAR Rights) and also has expertise in conducting surveillances and work as an Executive Protection Agent.

Recently, he has joined the team of Semnar & Hartman, LLP as leading the field investigation that is conducted on behalf of consumers prior to and during litigation. Mr. Martinez is also fluent in Spanish, allowing Semnar & Hartman, LLP to represent those individuals who are not proficient in English.