On June 11, 2020, our firm secured an important victory in the fight against police brutality.  Judge Bernal of the Central District of California denied a motion to dismiss filed by attorneys for the City of Murrieta, Murrieta Police Department, and Detectives Christopher Cummings and Blake Williams.


Our lawsuit alleges that, in February of 2019, the two Detectives broke into our client’s home to execute a search warrant related to someone else, and they refused to provide her a copy of the warrant upon her demand.  The Detectives then body slammed her to the ground face first, pinning her right arm under her body.  They then used so much force to rip her right arm out from under her body that they snapped her upper right humerus (one of the hardest bones in the body to break).


Despite acknowledging that they heard a loud pop and our client screaming and crying out in excruciating pain, they proceeded to cuff her broken arm behind her back to her left arm and left her laying on her face in pain.


We filed a lawsuit alleging a variety of claims based on police brutality and excessive force.  A copy of the lawsuit can be read by clicking HERE.


The Defendants’ attorneys attempted to obtain an order dismissing the entire case based on legal technicalities, but thankfully today Judge Bernal disagreed with their arguments and denied their motion to dismiss!  A copy of Judge Bernal’s ruling can be read by clicking HERE.


If you or a loved one have also encountered an unfortunate circumstance whereby law enforcement caused injury, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free and confidential consultation to discuss whether your rights were violated!